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Sunday, August 7, 2016

SIlverbacks Reserves in the ADASL: Will It Happen? - By Taylor Peyton

The short 3-month NPSL season has left many Silverbacks fans desperate for more, as they are not used to such a long offseason. Many fans on Social Media think that the perfect way to deal with the long offseason is to field a Reserve team in the Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League (ADASL).

The ADASL was founded in 1967, there are two division with a Promotion and Relegation system in place, a cup competition called the Perrin Cup. Success in the ADASL can result in eligibility for National Amateur Cup competitions. The season runs from the beginning of October to the beginning of June, which would be an ideal situation for fans who would be desperate need of a Silverbacks fix during the long offseason, and it would allow for standout players in the Reserve team to be called up to the First team.

As part of an attempt to improve their first team after a terrible 2016 season, the Silverbacks local rival Georgia Revolution will be fielding their own reserve team in the ADASL. They have been preparing for the season by playing a few friendlies with players who will likely be part of their squad that will be competing in the ADASL, including a victory over Arsenal Atlanta, an established ADASL club that won the Perrin Cup last season.

In an interview on Gorilla Talk earlier this year, Phoday Dolleh expressed his desire to field a Reserve team in the ADASL. But since then there have been whispers that he is currently uncertain about it mainly for financial reasons. It’s obvious that Phoday knows how to put a team together, and he also knows how to get players into situations where they can develop and advance their careers. It is definitely part of his vision for the club’s future so it would be unfortunate if the Reserves in the ADASL would have to be delayed due to a lack of funds.

Naturally, many fans are hoping for the best in regards to it. If there is a season to be had Planet of the Backs will be covering their season and fans will do everything they can to get the word out by doing things such putting the Schedule on posters and handing them out throughout the city. There’s plenty of ways it will benefit the club, so hopefully it will happen. The ADASL informational meeting for new and returning clubs is on Monday, August 8th so we will know soon enough.

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  1. Hopefully Silverbacks Reserves will be able to field a team in the ADASL this season. The league has an organizational meeting tomorrow night at the Famous Pub. We are looking forward to a great season.
    -Richard Goldsmith, ADASL President